FAQ from the Portrait Project at Hudson Guild (Chelsea, NYC, 2021)

Am I South Brooklyn?

All residents of South Brooklyn are eligible and encouraged to apply: For this project, our boundaries are: Greenwood Cemetery to the North, Coney Island to the South, Ocean Parkway to the East, and the water to the West.

I want a portrait! Can I have one?

Only residents within the area described above can apply for a free portrait. Private commissions outside of the project start at $1K, schedule permitting.

How do I apply?

See that “APPLY” button up at the top? Click that thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fill out the form and click “submit”. That’s it.

Why do y'all ask for my age/race/gender/address/etc.?

To ensure that we faithfully reflect the demographics, cultures, and communities of the neighborhoods we cover– to get everyone in the picture.

How many portraits will you paint?

200 oil-painted portraits from life will be painted of South Brooklyn residents in 2023.

How free is a free portrait?

FREE. As a crowd-funded project, all are invited to donate / support the project, but no donation is required. The paintings will belong to the people who sat for them.

Can I donate and pick someone to receive a portrait?

For 25 of the 200 portraits, if you donate $250 to support the project, you can select one resident to receive a portrait. These seed funds will get us started with the basics (studio rent, paint, canvas, etc.). Limit 1/person.

Do you paint from a photo or from life?

All portraits are painted from life. You come and sit in-person for a four-hour sitting (with lots of breaks, don’t worry.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

How long does a portrait sitting take?

Each painting is completed in four hours or less, and we take lots of breaks to stretch, snack, restroom, etc.

Do we have to sit still?

We paint only your head and shoulders, so if you want to wiggle your feet and hands, you may. As we document your story, too, you can talk the entire time– except while weโ€™re painting your mouth. then you zip it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What do I wear to sit for a portrait?

You may dress however you want to be recorded. Hat, jewelry, glasses, headphones, tiara, up-do–Itโ€™s your portrait– itโ€™s up to you.

Why South Brooklyn?

Because it’s my new home, and these are my new neighbors. Because when I tell other Brooklynites that I live in Kensington, they say “where’s that?” It’s time to show this place some Love. <3

Can I nominate my neighbor / my mom / the dude at the bodega?

Absolutely, yes. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can nominate your “faces of the neighborhood” and fill out the entry form on their behalf to join the applicant pool.

Oh, snap! Ya know who you should paint?!

Tell me! Click ‘APPLY’ above to nominate a neighbor to receive a portrait.ย  Fill out the form on their behalf, or encourage them to sign up here.