FAQ from the Portrait Project at Hudson Guild (Chelsea, NYC, 2021)

How many portraits will you paint?

Fourteen individuals from the community have been selected to be painted. As well, I’ll meet the folks who run the Covid-19 vaccination site here at the Chelsea Fulton Center. Schedule permitting, I’ll invite a number of them to sit for a sketch-portrait and document their efforts to vaccinate our city.

Who gets a portrait?

All of the people to be painted have been selected by our community partners at the Hudson Guild.

How free is a free portrait?

FREE. Historically a crowd-funded project, this iteration has been graciously funded by Google, and these paintings will belong to the people who sat for them at no cost.

Do you paint from a photo or from life?

All portraits are painted from life.

How long does a portrait sitting take?

Each painting is completed in four hours or less.

Do we have to sit still?

We’re only painting your head and shoulders, so if you want to wiggle your feet and hands, you may. And we take breaks every 25 minutes or so to jump and stretch and text and use the restroom. And we’re documenting your story, so you can talk the entire time– except while we’re painting your mouth. then you zip it. 😉

What do I wear to sit for a portrait?

You may dress however you want to be recorded. Hat, jewelry, glasses, headphones, tiara, up-do. It’s your portrait. it’s up to you.

I want a portrait, too! Can I have one?

Private commissions outside of the project are $1,000 and up, and are available after July 6th.