How many portraits will you paint in one year?

200 portraits will be painted between June 2015 – June 2016.

Who can receive a portrait?

All those who live and/or work in Crown Heights are eligible to be painted.

How FREE is a ``free portrait``, really?

Raising $50,000 to create 200 portraits means each portrait costs $250 to produce.  As a crowdfunded project, each participant is invited to donate what they are able towards that production cost.  For those who can donate $250, we say thank you.  For those who can donate less, we also say thank you, and no one is turned away for a lack of funds.

What are the boundaries of Crown Heights?

Atlantic Ave to the North, Ralph Ave to the East, East New York Ave / Empire Blvd to the South, and Washington Ave to the West.

How do you choose who gets a portrait?

That’s the big question. I ask everyone to nominate their ‘faces of the neighborhood’, the mayors of your block.  Most are selected at random.  Some  Community leaders, a small number will be allotted to elected officials, with an equal number allotted to residents within the shelter system.

Do you work from life or from a photo?

All portraits are painted from life while we record the audio from each session to capture your story in partnership with the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Weeksville Heritage Center in an ongoing oral history of Crown Heights.

How big are the paintings?

Each portrait will by 18″ x 24″, Oil on Canvas paper.  All portraits are painted on equal stature to emphasize the commonality and inherent equality of each subject.

How long does a portrait sitting take?

Each painting is completed in four hours or less.

Do I have to sit perfectly still and silent?

We’re only painting your head and shoulders, so if you want to wiggle your feet and hands, you may.  And we’re documenting your story in the neighborhood as well as your portrait, so you can talk the entire time (except while painting your mouth.  then you have to zip it.)

What do I wear to sit for a portrait?

You may dress however you want to be recorded.  Hat, jewelry, glasses, headphones, tiara, up-do.  it’s up to you.

Can children receive a portrait?

Children 11 and up may sit for a portrait (age limit is subject to change).  Parents are encouraged to attend the sitting.