The forthcoming project (Chelsea, Spring, 2021, NYC) will say hello to The Hudson Guild community and share space with a vaccination site at the Cultural Center as well. 

We paint from life while recording conversations with each person, and present them altogether —  a community of faces and voices —  to paint a portrait of a place through its people. 

The Hudson Guild has curated a collection of folks who will be painted to represent this place in time.  Local venues are invited to showcase the work as it progresses, and the final exhibition will celebrate the community as well as the opening of the new Chelsea Fulton Cultural Center.

In 2015/2016, Zimmerman painted 200 portraits from life of Crown Heights, Brooklyn residents in one year and recorded their stories in audio interviews. The paintings belong to the people who sat for them. Each was painted in 4 hours or less between June 2015 – June 2016. The audio was made available to the Brooklyn Historical Society and the Weeksville Heritage Center for an ongoing oral history of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The entire collection of paintings and stories were exhibited at Brooklyn Children’s Museum (Fall, 2016).